Company Profile


MTC – Micro Typing Concepts
Charting a Global Course with Innovation and Excellence from Day 1

1980s ⎮ The Founding Days – A Vision – Transformed into Reality

MTC was founded in 1987 to develop, manufacture and distribute technical instruments and accessories for the at that time newly invented gel centrifugation technology in blood grouping – the gel test.
The invention of the test method revolutionized the routines for immunohematology laboratories around the world, making it the gold standard in blood grouping procedures.
MTC – Micro Typing Concepts served at the forefront of this new technology by developing and marketing centrifuges, incubators, pipettes, dispensers and work tables – everything to create a complete workplace for the new technology and market it to laboratories on a global scale, through a network of distributors specialized in blood banking.
Since then MTC was – and remains until today – dedicated to innovation in diagnostic applications for blood grouping procedures
Over the years the evolution of MTC led the company to broaden its portfolio to all relevant technologies in the field of blood grouping – liquid reagents, microplates and lateral flow technology as well as according automated concepts – but the gel technology for blood grouping always remained in the center of focus for the company and continued to be its core business.
Early in the new millennium, MTC INVITRO DIAGNOSTICS AG had been founded as international arm of MTC, to accommodate the wide array of international cooperations in research, production and distribution. MTC INVITRO DIAGNOSTICS AG established its own global distribution network to provide availability of MTC products on a global scale.

The Presence
Today MTC INVITRO is one of the most diversified companies in the field of blood grouping diagnostics. With production capacities on all continents and a global network of distributors in more than 80 countries MTC INVITRO has established itself as a partner of competence and reliability for blood banks and laboratories worldwide. The constant development of new applications and instrumentation in gel and other technologies in immunohematology defines MTC INVITRO as one of the most innovative companies in the market today.

The Future ⎮ With Competence and Confidence
MTC – Micro Typing Concepts is unremittingly working to introduce new solutions to the diagnostic laboratory.
Based on its profound knowledge in the field of immunohematology, paired with an unparalleled drive for innovation, MTC – Micro Typing Concepts is striving continuously to create new products and technologies in order to improve the position of what is in the center of all its activities – the patient.