logo-medica MEDICA, November 14 - 17, 2016, Düsseldorf, Germany   |   Hall 2, Booth B18   |   presents: World wide launch of INVITROLYZER DELTA   the new floor-mounted fully automated analyzer for   INVITROGEL TEST SYSTEM  gel cards with innovative features   |   INVITROLYZER ALPHA   a fully automated analyzer for  INVITROGEL TEST SYSTEM  gel cards   |    INVITROSTAT – a revolutionary 1 minute gel test   |   INVITROLYZER OCTAVIAN a fully automated hybrid analyzer for simultaneous processing of  INVITROGEL TEST SYSTEM  gel cards and  microplates microplates   |   INVITROREADER CUBE   a multi norm reader for  INVITROGEL TEST SYSTEM  6 column, m-invitroocta  8 column gel cards and  INVITROFLOW  lateral flow cards