MEDICA, Germany, 12.-15.11.2018

Hall 18, Booth no. E13

MTC INVITRO presents:

INVITRODOC 2.0 – The new documentation software combining all gel card types of INVITROGEL / INVITROOCTA / INVITROSTAT in one processing and results application

INVITROLYZER DELTA - a floor-mounted fully automated analyzer or INVITROGEL TEST-SYSTEM gel cards

INVITROLYZER ALPHA - a small footprint automated analyzer for INVITROGEL TEST-SYSTEM gel cards

INVITROLYZER OCTAVIAN - a fully automated hybrid analyzer for simultaneous processing of INVITROGEL TEST-SYSTEM gel cards and INVITROPLATE microplates

INVITROSTAT  a revolutionary 1 minute gel test for ABO, reverse typing and RH phenotyping as part of its INVITROGEL TEST-SYSTEM